The Spouse Career Fair is an event that has attracted highly skilled international spouses and partners residing in the greater Copenhagen area. It has done this by bringing together companies, universities and career counsellors under the one roof so that spouses and partners have the best possible opportunity to get closer to employment in Denmark.

Not only was the Spouse Career Fair developed for highly skilled international spouses and partners, but the various companies and organisations that took part were required to have existing, opening positions. This created a fair like no other, and one that gave spouses and partners an extra boost of energy in their job hunt and provided businesses an opportunity to dive deep into a very talented pool of international specialists.

There is always a buzz of intrigue, flashes of smiles, friendly gestures and an all round electric atmosphere at the Spouse Career Fair. So much so that it has been held twice, once in 2012 and again in 2013. It is arranged by Spousecare ApS, a company committed to the well being of international spouses and partners. The Spouse Career Fair has been a part of the Copenhagen Talent Bridge Project and we hope that the Spouse Career Fair will have the opportunity to repeat its success in the future. Until then, Spousecare wishes spouses and partners a successful job hunt!