Again a very interesting fair, with great international talent in abundance. I wish we could hire them all. Spousecare does a great job hosting the event, there was a great and positive atmosphere.  – Mikkel Hougaard Orlovski from Technical University of Denmark

At the Spouse Career Fair in November, we met many qualified candidates, and I am happy to say that we have ended up hiring 2 of the candidates we met on the fair. We are looking forward to joining the fair again this year. – Recruiter, Karlijn Lips from Mærsk Olie & Gas A/S

We were positively surprised by the quality of the candidates at the Spouse Career Fair. There really were a lot of highly educated and skilled candidates among the visitors. – Team Leader HR, Marianne Benfeldt, GN Store Nord

The Spouse Career Fair was a very positive experience. We met many highly skilled professionals with different interesting professional backgrounds. Definitely recommendable for companies looking for international talent in Denmark. – Mark de Vos, Copenhagen University



I was very impressed with the quality in the candidates, they were highly motivated and had a very high educational level. I would definitely recommend other companies to participate in the Spouse Career Fair. – Lise Emilie Fritzbøger, Siemens A/S

Spousecare and the Spouse Career Fair helped us to hire two team members with the specific skill set we were looking for. It was easy to join and the event was well organised. The quality of the candidates was high and we would certainly use this forum to hire individuals in the future. – Sarah Groom, Logbuy

Spouse career fair is very helpful in terms of networking and getting an insight of Danish business life and culture. I would highly recommend it. Remember to check the list of interesting companies on the website and target the respective companies. Good luck!. – Saloni Shah

I definitely recommend the Spouse Career Fair to all of those who would like to expand their professional network, as well as get a better insight into the Danish labor market. By coming in direct contact with the companies, you will get extended information about their culture and recruitment process and receive valuable feedback on your application. – Andreea Vizitiu

A unique opportunity to interact with Danish companies and foreign professionals, loved it!
I found interesting job offers by good companies that I would have never consider otherwise. – Arancha Fernandez-Romero

This is a good opportunity to see what companies are out there – and to have a brief conversation with a company rep.. – Debra Brunk

There are many foreigners entering to Denmark to be established and everybody needs the initial help to be familiar with the Danish Business Culture, hence this type of Program is very useful to them. – Purushottam Shrestha

Very interesting, many growing companies that were very welcoming and kind and encouraged to apply for positions. – Deborah De Luca

A good opportunity to meet people and go straight to the topic of employment, which is rare! Even if there is no immediate job opportunity, it is always valuable to practice your “pitch” and make contacts.
Overall there was a good atmosphere. – Veronique Havrehed

One or two or banks and consulting companies would be great. – Marieke Schnabel

It was a very good initiative. I am looking forward for the next job fair in 2013, hopefully with much more participants from both sides. – Ida Noemi Simon

The Spouse Career Fair is a perfect opportunity to meet many interesting companies in one afternoon and gives the chance to network fast and efficient. A must-go if you are looking for a job in Copenhagen! – Nele Demeulemeester

I would definitely recommend spouse care career fair because it helps in networking with companies interested in international talent. It boosts confidence and prepares us to face employers and interviews. – Pushpita Sen Gupta

Before the Career Fair, I had no idea how I would be assessed in the Danish job market nor how to start my job search in Denmark. This was a great opportunity to talk with people from various Danish companies/organizations. Now, I have the answer to those of my questions and have better understandings of both Danish working culture and myself. – Make Haeno