Your people define your company. How can you make sure you have the best? The Spouse Career Fair can help.

Companies that have taken part at Spouse Career Fair have benefited greatly from the culmination of international talents under the one roof. This has made it possible for companies to choose the best candidates for their open positions. By employing international talent, companies gain the potential of expanding and growing their export markets, employ international talent with ease due to candidates having spousal status in Denmark which means: no visa hassles and no relocations costs and engaged candidates. Companies and organisations that have previously unlocked the potential of this little known niche of skilled professionals are:


Candidates visiting the fairs will mainly be accompanying spouses or partners to international specialists, researchers and talents working in Denmark.  Their international know-how and expertise can help companies grow and extend export markets. Many of the candidates are studying Danish but are not yet proficient to work in jobs that require fluent Danish.

  • Specialized educational backgrounds
  • Experience from a wide range of international businesses
  • Proficiency in English in addition to their native languages
  • Live in the Copenhagen area
  • Have residence and work permit
  • Interested in pursuing a career in Denmark



Exhibitors will be companies, universities and organizations with an interest in hiring international talents. Each company will be provided with individual stands from which they will be able to market their organisation and any open positions to the attending candidates. Participation is free of charge due to funding from our involvement with the Copenhagen Talent Bridge project. The only condition to participate is that you bring with you a number of relevant open positions aimed at international talents. Candidates will be looking for any of the following opportunities:

  • Permanent positions
  • Projects
  • Freelance
  • Subsidized work placements


The benefits for the participating companies are numerous.

  • A free opportunity to meet international talents already living in Denmark and with a Danish work permit
  • An opportunity to invite the spouses and partners of the international specialists of your own company
  • A unique employer branding opportunity. By attending the fair you get a chance to promote your company as an internationally oriented company and at the same time an opportunity to fill your open positions
  • CSR – You can demonstrate to your international employees your interest in retaining them by helping their spouses and partners to a job in Denmark

We hope that we have convinced you of the advantages of spending an afternoon at the Spouse Career Fair and will look forward to receiving your registration.

Email us at or call us on 22907682 for more information.

Looking forward to a fruitful Career Fair 2013.